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Denim Care and Cleaning

The Versatility of Our Cotton and Denim Collection

The cotton and denim collection offers the best of both worlds: comfort and durability. These fabric aprons are incredibly comfortable and can be washed just like your regular clothes.

Denim Aprons: Sturdy and made from recycled jeans, these aprons are as tough as your favorite pair of denim. Treat them like jeans, and they'll remain in perfect condition for decades.

Cotton Aprons: Soft and crafted from collected cotton T-shirts and sweaters, these aprons offer a cozy and flexible fit.

Care and Cleaning

Dry Dirt: For dry dirt like bread flour, simply pat the apron outside or use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it away.

Washing: If your apron is very dirty, the cotton apron can be machine washed. Always check the label inside the apron before washing. Washing at thirty degrees is recommended. Before placing the cotton apron in the washing machine, gently tie it to prevent the straps from coming out of the tunnels.

Drying: Ensure the apron is completely dry before storing it. Folding is fine, but hanging or rolling it helps prevent creases.

Persistent Stains: Treat stains on these aprons as you would treat clothing stains. Denim aprons can be cared for like jeans, and cotton aprons like cotton T-shirts or sweaters. This makes the care process easy and straightforward.