The D.H. Russel Boat Knife #3 - with Micarata handle - #M3SW

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The D.H. Russell Boat Knife #3

Boat, Army or Yachtsman

"Love my Army Knife!"

This knife can be sold in different configurations, depending on what sheath you chose.  If you get it with the regular sheath, it is known as the Boat knife due to its triangular shaped handle that helps prevent slippage when wet.

If you get it with the overlap sheath, it is known as the Army knife, or 'Jump Knife' as the paratroopers call it. This was issued to the army for well over 30 years and is still stocked in some kitshops across the country.

If you get it with the sheath with the pouch that holds a marlin spike & shackler, that is known as the Yachtsman's knife. A true favorite over the years with the crew of the Bluenose as well as many Coast Guard and yachting people worldwide.

General Purpose fixed blade outdoor knife, but ideal for hunting.

Extremely comfortable grip for any application, from small game dressing and birds to large game.  Palm & finger fitting "offset" handle for safe grip.

Blade Material High Carbon Stainless
Handle Material Black Linen MICARTA
Blade Grind Regular Sabre Grind
Sheath Style Leather Open mouth 
Blade Size Aprox. 102 mm ( 4" ) 
Overall Length Aprox. 210 mm ( 8 1/4" )