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MORAKNIV SWEDEN | Outdoor, Hunting and Bush Craft Knives

Morakniv Hunting Knives from Sweden are expertly crafted tools designed specifically for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. Made by the renowned Swedish brand Morakniv, these knives are known for their exceptional quality and durability. The blades are forged from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring excellent sharpness and resistance to corrosion. The ergonomic handles are constructed from either wood or synthetic materials, providing a comfortable and secure grip even in wet or challenging conditions. Morakniv Hunting Knives are meticulously designed to deliver precise cutting and exceptional performance, making them essential companions for any hunting or outdoor adventure.

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Garberg BlackBlade with Leather Sheath (C)
Kansbol with Multi-Mount(S)
Kansbol with Multi-Mount(S) Sale price€57,89 EUR
Eldris with Fire Kit (S)Eldris with Fire Kit (S)
Eldris with Fire Kit (S) Sale price€51,69 EUR
Companion HeavyDuty™ (C)
Companion HeavyDuty™ (C) Sale price€27,56 EUR
Floating Knife (S) - Lime Green
Pro S (S) BluePro S (S) Blue
Pro S (S) Blue Sale price€15,85 EUR