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Seki Kanetsugu Handmade Japanese Knives

Unveiling the Legacy of Seki Kanetsugu Japanese Knives

Discover the artistry and tradition of Seki Kanetsugu, a revered Japanese knife brand with a heritage dating back to 1918. Founded by Matsujiro Kawamura, a descendant of the esteemed swordsmith Kanetsugu, our legacy spans over a century, dedicated to perfecting the craft of knife-making.

For three generations, the Kawamuras have tirelessly worked to establish a knife workshop worthy of the Kanetsugu name, blending Seki's time-honored traditions with innovative techniques like the "sub-zero process." Today, Seki Kanetsugu stands as a major knife maker in Japan, celebrated for its commitment to excellence.

In 2018, we marked a century of craftsmanship by introducing the "Zuiun" series, featuring the finest Damascus steel that symbolizes the auspicious clouds from Buddhist traditions. Explore our exquisite collection and bring home a piece of culinary history with Seki Kanetsugu Japanese knives.

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ZUIUN Japan | Kiritsuke Santoku Knife 180mmZUIUN Japan | Kiritsuke Santoku Knife 180mm
ZUIUN Japan | Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mmZUIUN Japan | Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm