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SHIMOMURA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. began its blacksmith business in Sanjo, one of Japan’s leading cutting tool production regions, in 1874. We started by manufacturing agricultural tools such as sickles and hoes. We further evolved the traditional Sanjo cutting tool forging techniques and currently make culinary knives, scissors and slicers mainly out of stainless steel. We aim to deliver “sharp cutting tools” to satisfy those who cook with our tools.

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Santoku/Bannou Knife 165mm  | Made in JapanSantoku/Bannou Knife 165mm  | Made in Japan
Yanagiba Knife 210mm Right Hand | Made in JapanYanagiba Knife 210mm Right Hand | Made in Japan
KZ-950 Essential Knife Set of 3 | Made in Japan
Ajikiri/Deba Knife 105mm Right Hand | Made in JapanAjikiri/Deba Knife 105mm Right Hand | Made in Japan
Sold outNakiri Knife 160mm  | Made in JapanNakiri Knife 160mm  | Made in Japan
Nakiri Knife 135mm  | Made in JapanNakiri Knife 135mm  | Made in Japan
Kenmizaki Satomi Deba Knife JapanDeba Knife 150mm Right Hand | Made in Japan