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Care and Maintenance


Damascus steel blade is with unique beauty. With its historical reputation as the metal used for the best swords over hundreds of years and its distinctive wavy design. With that quality blade especially one that has intricate etchings comes special care.

  1. Always keep your knife dry and clean
    Dry your knife completely with a towel after washing. Never store your knife in Leather Sheath. Do not leave your knife in soaking water. It is also recommended to lubricate it with wax to prevent moisture from affecting the blade. We recommend Renaissance Wax (an archival-grade museum wax), it will keep your knife rust-free and maintain its etched beauty.
  2. Avoid abrasives.
    Handwash with warm soapy water, no abrasive sponge. Never put your knife in the dishwasher or leave it soaking in water
  3. Be mindful of when and where you use your Damascus blade.
    A Damascus blade is susceptible to damage when used on acidic foods. These uses and can remove the etching of the blade. When you do use a Damascus knife, remember to wash and dry it immediately, taking care to not rub the blade roughly. Using a microfiber or cotton cloth to dry it
  4. Store it properly to keep it rust-free.
    When not in use never store your knife in leather sheath, keep the Damascus steel knife in a dry interior environment, where it will not be affected by extreme moisture or temperature changes. After cleaning and waxing your knife, storing it in a box or padded zipper case, your knife will keep well.
  5. Is your knife rusted ??
    A basic home formula to remove rust
    • Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 2 cups of water which will form a paste.
    • Apply the paste by gently rubbing it over the heavy rust spot.
    • Rinse the blade as you continue to rub the stained spots.
    • Be sure to fully and properly dry the blade to avoid the further formation of rust.