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Hagakure 20 - Japanese Santoku Knife 8" - VG10 Damascus Steel

KC Series - Hagakura 20 Japanese Style Santoku Knife 8" - Super sharp 67 layer VG10 Damascus Steel - Luxurious raindrop pattern a piece of art

The strongest VG10 steel makes it ideal for everyday use. 

 Knife Type Santoku Knife
Blade Material

67 layer, Damascus VG-10 steel core.

Blade Edge Double Edge

Ultra-premium G-10 handle, black color

Blade Length 8"
Overall Length 12"



Our VG10 Damascus steel santoku knife has an elegant appearance, lightweight handle design, and perfect balance. With its Santoku blade design, it's well-suited for food preparation. The ergonomic shape of the handle gives good control over the knife and is easy to use for all types of food. It is made from carbon steel which is very resistant to rust. Damascus steel is famous for its ability to create a unique pattern that adds visual appeal to the blade without compromising strength or performance. It has an acute edge that is very sharp and easy to maintain. We grind the edges bevelled to prevent food from
A versatile all-purpose kitchen knife, the Santoku® is ideal for vegetable stir-frying, Japanese cooking, and cutting meat like a chef's knife. This 8-inch long knife has a concave edge and a handle thick enough to withstand heavy use while maintaining a comfortable grip. It features VG-10 Damascus steel with a Hitachi polished finish, making for an attractive chef's knife that is also incredibly sharp from the moment you open the package! Welcome to the kitchen!VG10 Damascus steel santoku knife

Sale price€80,69 EUR

Customer Reviews

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Robert Hache
a perfect knife

HAGAKURE 20 | Japanese Santoku Knife 8" - 67 Layer VG10 Steel

Santoku 8”

I wanted a versatile knife and this is it !

Jeff Ruysenaars
Seems very good so far.

I have a few Japanese knives of high carbon steel that are my favourites, but the claim of VG10 steel on this blade at this price made it irresistible. The blade came sharp, but I typically sharpen to a higher level. Although I haven't refined the edge yet, I look forward to seeing the results on this blade, as I really like it on some of my pocket knives.

Amazing Knife

Amazing looking knife (true to the picture), you will not be disappointed! Very good quality build and definitely up to the task of being used as your main chef's knife! Shipped and arrived very quickly as well.

Very sharp, and good quality

Arrive very fast, sharp and looks beautiful

Thank you !

Hagakure 20 - Japanese Santoku Knife 8" - VG10 Damascus Steel
Hagakure 20 - Japanese Santoku Knife 8" - VG10 Damascus Steel Sale price€80,69 EUR