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Tsumugi 180 - Nakiri Knife 165mm

Literally means “vegetable knife” in its original Japanese name, it is specifically for cutting vegetables. It is suitable for chopping and dicing ingredients because there is no tip and the blade is straight. Historically, it has been used on a daily basis by the general population as it was designated as the easy-to-use knife for everyone. The blade has no curvature and the straight blade is easy to sharpen and handle. Unless the person is familiar, it is often hard to cleanly sharpen a knife with curves; however, there is no worry with this type of vegetable knife.

Instructions and Maintenance:

  • Please do not use it to cut bone or frozen foods
  • This is an extremely sharp knife. Please use special care when using and storing it. Please keep out of children's reach. 
  • Please do not use the knife for purposes other than cooking
  • After use, please hand wash the knife then wipe it clean and dry with soft clean clothes
  • To maintain fine cutting performance we recommend re-sharping the knife once or twice per month

Dishwasher Safe | No

Sale price€176,19 EUR

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Vanson
Great nakiri

Beautiful blade Gorgeous handle nice and sharp ! My only thing some nakiris online are quite tall almost looking like a cleaver this blade is shorter in height but it handles itself beautifully

Once you use Japanese knife there is no going back

I love it !

We are glade you like it ! we try our best

Tsumugi 180 - Nakiri Knife 165mm
Tsumugi 180 - Nakiri Knife 165mm Sale price€176,19 EUR